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Monday, April 16, 2012

RT Convention 2012

Hey, everyone! Guess what I was doing on Saturday?! Spending the FULL day at Teen Day at the RT Convention!

And what did my sisters and I get? A BUNCH of books and swag, some of which I want to give to YOU!

I met TONS of amazing authors, took great pictures, picked up amazing books (oldies but goodies and ARCs)

Check out some of these fun times!

Josephine Angelini...Seriously, isn't she beautiful?!

The ever-so-talented Ally Carter!

The amazingly sweet, Amy Plum
(and I also got an ARC of Until I Die...I was stoked!)

The enchanting Aprilynne Pike
(and yes, my sister scored an ARC of Destined, I can't wait to read it!)

My sister, Tiffany, with Kiera Cass!
(and YES, we did get a copy of the Selection! So exciting! I'm dying to read it NOW!)

My sister-in-law, Natalia, with the awesomely awesome Stacey Kade!
(yes, she is holding an EARLY copy of Body and Soul!)

Tiffany with the incredibly charming Stephanie Kuehnert!

I had to throw Ally Carter in again, because she is Tiffany's absolute favorite author!

Here is Tiffany again, holding the coveted Springsweet (early copy) by Saundra Mitchell

Tiffany and lovely Bree Despain
(and you don't even have to ask, because OF COURSE, we received a copy of the Savage Grace AND some awesome nail polish from the Dark Divine line!)

Me and Tiffany with the awesome Suzanne Lazear (I cannot WAIT for Innocent Darkness to come out!)

Lastly, me and my husband, Anthony, with the wonderfully, incredibly talented Veronica Roth
(I am sad to say, she was seen wearing a Team Dauntless pin. We need to step it up, Amity!)
(No, I did NOT get a copy of Insurgent, but I did get an extra copy of Divergent autographed...)

and we met SO many more amazing authors, but I just couldn't get all the pictures....Tera Lynn Childs (who told me I looked and dressed JUST like her character Nicole from the oh. my. gods series and so she gave me a copy of Sweet Venom), Jenn Lynn Barnes (a copy of Every Other Day), Michelle Jaffe (with a copy Ghost Flower), Colleen Houck (and a copy of Tiger's Curse), Kate Vincent, Melissa Marr, Melissa de la Cruz, Kimberly Derting (she's too sweet!), Sarah Rees Brennan (who decided to jump on chairs and tables), Stephanie Perkins (with her wickedly sweet red hair!), and SO MANY MORE!

and even though Meg Cabot wasn't there, I was able to score a FREE copy of the ARC for Underworld! I'm so stoked! I've already finished reading it.......AND I'll be giving my copy away soon! So stay tuned!

And in the next week, I'll be giving away a bunch of books from the Convention, along with TONS of autographed swag! So check back soon!

Have a 

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