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My Review Policy

I do accept books from authors, publishers, and agents for posting, giveaways, and review.


Please note that all books sent to me are considered for review, but I do not guarantee a review for any title. I will do my best to choose only those books that I feel I will enjoy and be able to review. However, I cannot guarantee a review for any title.

I welcome books in advance of publication date, but a posted review can be held off until after publication date (if requested). 

Those books that I enjoy reading & reviewing

Young Adult

Chick Lit
Dystopian Novels
Contemporary novels

Fiction (Adult, Historical, and many more)

Christian Fiction

Some Middle School Fiction

....and many others

(If you're not sure, feel free to ask!)

What if I don't enjoy the book?
I will do my best to only accept books to review that I think I will enjoy. However, I cannot guarantee that I will enjoy every book I receive. Therefore, every book I receive to review will not be guaranteed a positive review. I always review books honestly, even if this means that a book may receive a negative review. However, I also believe in maintaining a good standing with all those from whom I receive books to review. I will respect the fact that hard work goes into composing each individual work. Therefore, while I may not post a positive review, I will do my best to ensure that the author's good name and hard work are not slandered. I will do my best to ensure that each book is reviewed honestly, but still with respect to the hard work that went into each piece. I will do my best to attempt each review in a way that my readers will be able to draw their own conclusions about the piece.

For some reason, if I, in good faith, cannot finish reading a book or reviewing it, I will contact the individual who sent the book for review with the reasons in which I cannot read/review said book.

What will I do other than reviews?

I will be happy to host book tours, author Q&As, character interviews, giveaways, etc. along with a book review or as an alternative to a review. 

Where are my reviews posted?

 My reviews will be posted here on Wickedly Sweet Books

Reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, or other websites will also be considered upon request.

When do I post my reviews?

I cannot guarantee a specific time in which your review will be posted. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I cannot, in good conscience, set a specific time line on a review. However, I will do my best to ensure that a review is posted as quickly as possible. 


I receive no compensation for any review of works that I receive from publishers, agents, authors, etc. I receive review copies in return for an honest, fair review of said book.

 Other Information

If you have any high quality media files that you would like posted along with the review, please let me know so that I may post them when the review is posted. 

If you would like a giveaway to be hosted with the review, please let me know how many copies you would like given away.

If you do not want your review copy to be given away by me, in any way, please specify so when you send the book to be reviewed. 

While I mainly review books, I may consider other forms of media upon request. 

What to do if you would like me to review a book

Please contact me if you would like a book to be considered for review.

You may comment in this post or reach me via other methods:

Twitter: WSweetB