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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: Mediator Series by Meg Cabot (Jenny Carroll)

All Susannah Simon wants is to be normal.
But normal is exactly the opposite of what she is.
Ever since she was two, Suze has been able to see ghosts. And not just the ghosts of those she loves.
ALL ghosts.
And she does more than see them, she communicates with them.
Suze is a Mediator--a contact person between the living and the dead.
She didn't ask for the job. Actually, she really doesn't want the job. But it appears that it is her destiny.
But being a Mediator isn't quite as great as people may think.
Suze attempts to help ghosts pass on to the next life--whatever that place may be.
However, some ghosts don't want her help.
Some ghosts are more content staying where they are and causing trouble.
Others are insistent on returning to their old lives. 
But that's not possible, so Suze takes it in her own hands as she tries to help them pass through.

This life has not been easy on Suze, and it doesn't get any easier when her mother decides to remarry and she has to move from New York to Carmel, California to live with her new stepfather and three stepbrothers.
And it really doesn't help that her room happens to be "haunted" by a hunky nineteenth century ghost--Jesse-- who seems pretty set on staying where he is. 

And even better is the fact that her father, who died years previously, is still hanging around and spying on her love life.

So normal is definitely the opposite of Suze's life.

Even though Suze lives an exciting life, she's still plagued by the same issues as most teen girls-- Does this guy like me? Do these shoes look good? What am I going to do with these horrible blisters from my Jimmy Choos? 

Throughout the series, you see this side of Suze, but you also see an adventurous side. When she's not obsessing over her "relationship" or "lack of" relationship with Jesse, she's busy kicking some serious ghost butt. 

Suze's adventures involve taking on the ghost of a girl who won't rest until she's gotten revenge on her ex, dealing with a screaming ghost who wakes her up in the middle of the night, a potential murderer, a hot basketball player, a group of four high school ghosts set on revenge, the ex-fiance of Jesse who threatens Suze's life, blistered feet, poison oak, a part time summer job, a mother who insists she live a "normal" life, and a scheming fellow Mediator who uses his cronies to do his dirty work.

You will love following along with Suze's adventures. Meg completely satisfies in this series. Not a single book disappoints! Each one leaves you wanting more. I guarantee you'll eat this series up in no time!

Extra Special "Wickedly Sweet" Goodness:

There are a few things in the series that really make it over the top. 

First, the amazing "supporting" cast. Usually, the main character is the star of the book, and everyone else fades into the background. But Meg doesn't let that happen with this book! You will absolutely love the interactions between Suze and her three stepbrothers. 

The oldest brother, Jake, who Suze likes to calls "Sleepy", is first. 

He and Suze don't interact much on account of him always falling asleep due to his part time job as a pizza delivery boy to earn enough money for his Camaro. 

Next is, by far, the most annoying brother, Brad, whom Suze likes to call Dopey. 

Brad and Suze do not get a long (understatement of the century). But you'll love their bickering back and forth. Suze always has a quick comeback, and it leaves the reader completely entertained (and wishing that they themselves could think of such witty things at the spur of a moment). 

Last is the only brother Suze can stand, David, AKA Doc. 

Doc is the only one who actually knows about Suze's secret. He is a little genius, always teaching Suze about the old history of the house and Jesse and other "important" details. Their interactions are totally sweet and adorable. You will love him from the start.

You also have the noteworthy "outcast" friends, CeeCee and Adam. These friends are quirky and fun, and watching them interact with Suze is definitely entertaining. 

We definitely can't forget to mention Father Dom. Like Suze, Father Dom is also a Mediator, but he likes to use "slightly" different methods when mediating. When he's not trying to quit smoking, Father Dom is constantly trying to teach Suze to resolve methods with words rather than with her mean right hook.

You'll also love Suze's parents. Her mother is obsessed with Suze leading a normal life, her step father puts a huge emphasis on family meals, and the ghost of her father constantly keeps an eye on her, often interfering with her love life.

You will love these characters just as much as you love Suze. They definitely make for an entertaining read!

BONUS: Two hot leading males. Who doesn’t love the whole “Edward vs. Jacob” or “Peeta vs. Gale” debate. This story will definitely leave individuals arguing over Jesse vs. Paul. I honestly have to say that it was almost tough for me to pick between them myself!

Overall, very entertaining read. Meg Cabot never ceases to amaze me, but this might be her best work. 

Sweet Idea
Sweet Plot
Sweet Romance
Sweet Supporting Cast
Sweet "Hunks"
and one

Overall, I give it a rating of:

5 "Wickedly Sweet" Cupcakes
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